Michigan Launch Initiative


August 30, 2019

Steve Heller

CEO, Sugarhouse Aerospace, Inc.



Utah-based Sugarhouse Aerospace, a suborbital launch provider, today announced a partnership with the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturing Association of Sterling Heights to utilize the proposed northern Michigan launch facility when it becomes operational.


An ongoing partnership between MAMA and Sugarhouse, whose primary flight operations are based in Truth or Consequences, N.M., plan to bring quick-turn, reliable space access to markets across the central U.S. while making Michigan a cutting-edge hypersonic research hub for existing and emerging companies.


“It is our goal to provide a full ecosystem of research, development, manufacturing, and cost value to low Earth orbit and hypersonic technology companies here in Michigan,” says Gavin Brown, executive director of MAMA. “Sugarhouse fits our partner profile for suborbital hypersonic research. Contributing to and enabling the emerging private space industry is a mission shared by Sugarhouse and MAMA. We look forward to bringing partners like Sugarhouse forward to demonstrate mutual value to the state’s economy and the rapidly growing consumer space sector.”


Steve Heller, founder and CEO of Sugarhouse Aerospace, says partnerships with spaceports in previously untapped markets is key to Sugarhouse Aerospace’s mission to lower the barrier to space access globally. He says the western half of the United States is Sugarhouse’s current primary market. In addition to the proposed Michigan facility, Sugarhouse is looking to expand to spaceports in Australia and South America by 2021.


“Gavin and his team found us, and we’re thrilled with what they’re doing,” Heller says. “Our goal is global reach, and a network of launch facilities and space ecosystems throughout the U.S. and abroad is what’s going to enable it. A spaceport in the central U.S. unlocks a lot of markets for us, and we look forward to helping MAMA bring their vision into reality.”