Going Global with Leviathan



April 24, 2019

Steve Heller

CEO, Sugarhouse Aerospace, Inc.




Sugarhouse Aerospace, Inc. announces today their partnership with Leviathan Space Industries, LLC. Leviathan, a Pompano Beach, FL-based space research firm, has selected Ecuador as the ideal place for a future Spaceport with the goal of leading Equatorial launches into space. An ongoing partnership with Sugarhouse - a Utah-based, low-cost suborbital launch provider - will bring quick-turn, reliable space access to markets across Central and South America.


"Cutting edge technology and science can result in important changes for a developing country like Ecuador. The opportunity to participate and lead regionally an important sector of the space industry can generate an abundance of benefits that can positively impact the local economy" said Robert Aillon, Founder and CEO of Leviathan Space Industries. "We envision the partnership with Sugarhouse Aerospace as a long term relationship that will help us create a new Space Ecosystem in Ecuador's future Spaceport. This will inspire a generation of entrepreneurs that will seek to create solutions to Earth based problems with affordable Space access."


As Sugarhouse Aerospace looks to lower the barrier to space access globally, partnerships with spaceports in emerging markets is key to the company's mission. With flight operations based at Spaceport America in Truth or Consequences, NM, the Western half of the United States is Sugarhouse's current primary market. Expansion to spaceports in the Eastern US, Europe, and now South America are planned by 2021.


"Our emerging partnership with Leviathan is crucial to Sugarhouse's immediate and long-term goals" said Steve Heller, the company's Founder and CEO. "We're thrilled to work with Robert and his team on bringing low-cost space access to the South American market. Leaders who think like Robert are what's going to solve the space-access problem on a global scale, and we're excited to be a part of it."


Sugarhouse's first launch at Leviathan's Ecuador facility is planned for the fall of 2020. The flight is currently being booked - for as low as $1,000, space and educational institutions throughout South America can accelerate their learning, growth and research and are encouraged to reach out.


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Sugarhouse Aerospace, Inc., based in American Fork, UT, aims to democratize access to space through vertically-integrated, low-cost suborbital launch platforms. For as little as $1,000, customers in the research, education and consumer sectors to whom space was previously inaccessible can loft payloads to an altitude of 125km - and expose them to 5-7 minutes of microgravity time - before electing to deploy in space or return to earth. Consumer-priced access to space can turn good ideas into great ones, enhancing educational opportunities and development of orbital technologies critical to life on earth. For more information, visit sugarhouseaerospace.com or follow us on social media @sugarhouseaerospace.


Leviathan Space Industries, LLC, is developing a private Spaceport in the Ecuadorian coastline where it can offer space access to Latin America in an accessible, safe and inclusive manner. With the goal that new research and technology allows local entrepreneurs to develop a new space ecosystem.