Sugarhouse 1 Static Fire


October 10, 2019

Steve Heller

CEO, Sugarhouse Aerospace, Inc.


Sugarhouse Aerospace, a Utah-based suborbital launch provider, successfully static fired their full-scale space motor on Saturday, October 5. The test occurred at the privately-held Mojave Test Area outside Randsburg, CA.


Culminating a 6-month development process, Sugarhouse's successful test clears one of the final hurdles for the company to begin low-cost spaceflight operations in December of this year. The 12" diameter, 12-foot long, 900lb solid rocket motor is based around Sugarhouse's proprietary Clownfish - a high-solids, pourable, mass-producible composite propellant. The motor boasts a mass fraction of 80% and will loft 50kg of ridesharing payload per flight to an altitude of 130km, where they'll experience 6 minutes of microgravity time and be exposed to the environments of space before returning to earth - and their owners - for data collection and analysis.


The tested motor featured several new technologies the company has been developing, including a metal-reinforced composite casing design, an ablative nozzle, an improved liner polymer, optimized grain design and an improved ignition system.


"We're thrilled to report that all systems - new and old - worked exactly as designed in our first test" said Steve Heller, Sugarhouse's CEO. "Successfully developing and firing a full-scale space motor within the first year of business is a rarity for aerospace companies - we're happy, in this case, to be the outlier." Heller added that the company is pushing forward toward their first commercial launch on December 14 from Spaceport America in Sierra County, NM.


Sugarhouse ultimately plans to offer 100 suborbital launches per year from a global network of spaceports. More information can be found at


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