Meet Sugarhouse 1

We make it. You make it matter.

Designed, built and tested by us - we wouldn’t trust your payloads with something we didn’t make. 


Sugarhouse 1 is a single-stage suborbital rocket built from the ground up with one thing in mind: you. Every part was designed to make space access cheaper, easier, and faster. Whether its testing space technology, running a classroom experiment, or sending up grandpa's ashes, Sugarhouse 1 has you covered. 

Space for everyone.

Sugarhouse 1 is the first suborbital vehicle to provide high-volume rideshare. In other words, you only have to buy as much (or as little) space as you need. Sugarhouse 1, in its rideshare configuration, can carry up to 39 U (10cm x 10cm x 10cm x 1.33kg) or 1,053 SugarCubes (3cm x 3cm x 3 cm x 48g). Have a payload with different dimensions? We'll work with you to make it fit.

Sugarhouse 1 also provides a unique experience once it reaches space. The vehicle opens up, exposing all payloads to the environment of space, and then closes back up shortly before its return to earth. So don't forget to add a camera to your payload, it's a view you won't want to miss.

Need power? Sugarhouse 1 can provide that too. The vehicle carries power sources so that you can launch more payload and less battery. Sugarhouse 1 will soon provide the option of data downlink so that you can receive live communication from your payload, as well. 


Remember, Sugarhouse 1 was built for you so if you want to try something different, like deploy your payload into space, just let us know.

Space for as low as $500.

With Sugarhouse 1, rideshare meets low-cost manufacturing to provide budget friendly access to space. Payloads start at $500 and dedicated launches cost only $250,000. Avoid the hassle of quotes and get your payload pricing right when you book your flight.

Coming to a spaceport near you.

Sugarhouse 1 is launching across the country and across the globe. Attending a launch is easy with launch sites at Spaceport America (NM), Wallops Island (VA), Michigan Launch Initiative (MI), Cape Canaveral (FL), and Guayaquil (Ecuador). Just pick the launch that is closest to you when you book your flight.

Little fish that went mainstream.

Clownfish, our proprietary solid rocket propellant, is the heartbeat of Sugarhouse 1. Each rocket is propelled by 715 pounds of it. Like everything in Sugarhouse 1, clownfish was designed to give you the best (and most) bang for your buck.